A Democrat Governor, Cuomo NY, just asked the Republican President with whom he has had MANY clashes with, to nationalize medical supplies and PPE so that states don’t have to fight each other to get them at exorbitant prices.

He is just thinking about saving lives. NOT a political agenda. NOT his economy. NOT his political career….just saving lives.

I say this not to laud one political party or another. I say this to demonstrate that this pandemic is REAL and not a political plot….He sees his job as protecting the public and he’s doing everything he can to do that.

Tesla was forced to shut down car and solar panel manufacturing in two states where it operates …but not here. Here they assemble car batteries and Power Wall units and deemed to be an “essential business”. 

At TRI Panasonic shut itself down on Friday. Without Panasonic Tesla can’t manufacture anything. Is it possible that COVID-19 has broken out at the factory?  How are car batteries an essential business requiring the factory to remain open with hundreds of people?  Are they now making ventilators?

Can we trust Tesla to abide by the “social distancing” order imposed even on “essential businesses” when their CEO takes the position “The coronavirus panic is dumb“. 

Who’s responsibility is it to ensure that they, or anyone else,  ARE abiding by that order?

Joe Hart, News 4  was asked   ” Is Tesla mandating social distancing or requiring some of its employees to work from home? ” and said:

 “We are still waiting for an answer from the company about that.

I spoke with Storey County Manager Austin Osborne about this. There was a little confusion at first but Osborne now says Storey County is part of the Quad County Health Coalition which includes Storey, Douglas, Lyon and Carson City.

Osborne says all health-related questions involving that coalition are forwarded to Carson City Health and Human Services. And they have a hotline staffed to answer questions, that number is (775) 283-4789. You can call them to get your questions answered”.

How is that an answer?

I’m concerned that the counterproductive political and philosophical advice to “ pursue your individual liberties, don’t let them abridge your freedoms” is going to kill people thru carelessness and worse…callousness.

In my mind government should have a limited role in my life…..THIS is one of those roles.

Nevada has the opportunity to avoid what is happening in New York by acting now to REALLY lock things down and save lives. The sooner we do that the sooner we can begin to rebuild the shattered economy…but not before.

If our leaders think that Nevada is immune from what is happening in New York….they are delusional. Nevada’s economy is trashed and guess what….so is everyone elses.

Time to start protecting lives FOR REAL…..we need to shut down far more broadly. I call on Storey County to do that. NOW.

To the Commissioners and County Manager I say:

The C Street merchants made the hard decision last Tuesday and shut down to comply with the Governor …..against their own self-interests…Bravo C street.

The economy is already in shambles… a shut down is the fastest way to stop this thing and get back to normal..all the data says so and people way, way, WAY smarter than us say so.

Thank God that our schools closed first…to protect our children…who you endangered by letting Tesla stay open. The school shutdown was painful but done early,done quickly and done with an immediate plan on continuing to educate the kids.  Bravo educators.

Reno shut down..Bravo Mayor Schieve.

What pressure do you think the Governor had on him to NOT shut down the casinos? You think that was easy to do with THAT industry….in Nevada of all places? Bravo Governor

PLEASE do not be part of the current wave of bravado seen on social media who don’t want their freedoms abridged, who are free enterprise defenders and apparently think that the only good Nevadan is a dead Nevadan by saying that it is just the flu and the government is overreacting.

Stop trying to parse the Governors directive to see how you can keep businesses open…Cuomo tried that and it failed. Now he is just trying to save lives. Learn from that, you have time to avoid that fate.

If you hide behind ” We are doing exactly what the Governor has decreed but no more”….that sounds a lot like ” I was just following orders”….I ask that you do the right thing to save lives here is Storey County and in neighboring counties. Nevada’s capacity to deal with any real bump to hospitals is limited at best…lets not contribute to that.

This thing is here and it’s a killer.

What does this chart tell you? Wait till it hits our less than robust health care system. THAT is why there needs to be a shutdown.  


I believe that government should have a limited role in my life…….THIS is one of those roles….make the tough decision..shut down the county beyond what you’ve done….protect lives.

I pray to God that I am wrong and will gladly take the beating for it later…. That is better than this alternative.

Be safe…be kind.



5 thoughts on “Protecting the public…Who’s job is it?

  1. Why are some stores opening now (some last weekend) since we are all supposed to be still “sheltering in place”?

    1. Some owners are in their stores working and have the doors open….but are not open for business and have blocked entry into the store. Some, mostly food, ate open for take out only. The Red Dog is closed but takes orders at a window then people congregate on the boardwalk. This week it looked like an antique store was opening because of a post on a VC facebook page but it was a store in Gardnerville. I have heard that Quigley is out front handing out candies….I don’t know if he’s open …. bottomline we’re at a stage where people are getting antsy in general and the shop owners are facing bankruptcy and closure and so they may think opening is a lesser evil. It is sad all around. I believe we should abide by what the State and the Fed orders….I don’t like it but I don’t want to have to do it again if we open it up too soon and there is a resurgence ….pay now or pay later….
      Sorry I cant be of more help.
      Stay safe!

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