Just when you think it can’t get any more blatant, the pilfering of our tax money continues in broad daylight while we watch…..and do nothing.


I just got the next Commission agenda and altho I wasn’t surprised ….my heart sank. I just don’t get it……another $1 Million Dollars in real estate purchases on the horizon and on the heels of the up to $2 million dollar Divide purchase after refurbishing.

The Freight Depot and the Crystal Bar are proposed to be purchased next for about $1 million dollars. The reason, no doubt, will be that the County will buy buildings of historic value rather than let them go away. Since the meeting hasn’t happened yet we’ll have to wait until then for the official reason. Altho we do know about the Crystal since the VCTC needs that money to start the multi-million dollar project which will be the new Visitors Center.

Despite asking to see the Infrastructure and Capital Projects list 5 sperate times and being blown off…none of these things were on it the last time I saw it.

In the absence of ANY fiscal conscience or conscience of any kind , as far as I can tell, our elected officials are continuing to spend OUR money like drunken sailors…….they’re not spending it on us and I have to wonder if they should be spending it at all.

It would be funny if it weren’t so insulting to us as residents. I can hear them in the back room over the years:

“We can do anything we want…we worked for it, we built this county, we deserve it”

“ Hey, let re-hire Bum as our Lobbyist along with the school district..that way he can make more money”

“ We can do anything we want….no one cares….”

“ Hey, I know…lets give Lance USA Parkway so he can sell it and keep the money, that way we won’t have to pay for maintaining it since Roger stiffed us on a crappy job of paving it….we still owe him $45 Million but at least we can save on maintenance”

“ Hey, lets give Marshall a lease option to buy his land for our parking lot ..but he doesn’t want to specify a price until we’re ready to buy so he can make more money”

“ Gee…did you see that? No one stopped us from giving away that $16 million dollars for the pipeline so the TRI companies can make more money“

“Ok, so what if Pat gave out $215k in unapproved bonuses lets give him a GREAT performance appraisal!”

“We can do anything we want…people are too stupid to do anything, they keep electing us!”

“ Hey, I know….lets hire Gary Hames for Community Development for $11,000 a month so he can make more money”

“ Oops…Gary deliberately overcharged our residents and Tesla over $400k…lets not be too hard on him…give him a pass he’s one of us”

“Hey, lets spend $2 million dollars on the Divide building for a Justice Building that we will grow out of in 5 years at least the Fains make some money”

“Hey, listen to this…..lets give Pat a $100k bonus then pay him $165 per hour to finish his deals so he can make more money, lets give Hugh a $73k bonus too!”

“Hey, people won’t mind if we buy some more real estate…lets spend another $1 million dollars on two more deals…we don’t need a Capital Improvement or Infrastructure Plan.”

“NRS= Not Really Storey….screw those guys”

It seems as if every Commission meeting is a test to see how far they can push the envelope of incredulity…how far can they go, how much can they take…..with absolutely no resistance by those who they’re supposed to be serving.

How much more of this will WE take?

Does it matter to you that your tax dollars are going to fund these things and these people?

Thru the bonuses and other sweetheart deals, they are treating themselves better than they are treating us. Is that Ok with you?  It’s not Ok with me.

My heart sinks at all of this.


3 thoughts on “Can’t make this stuff up…we are the boiling frog

  1. Nicole, 6/27/19
    Brilliantly explained.
    Esp USA Parkway that our govt gave Lance and Don Roger.
    Also the $45,000,000 our govt gave Lance and Don Roger on 3 Sept, 2014.
    These tax $$$dollars were then funneled to the gov’s election.
    Campaign contribution limits? What’s that?
    Sic Harvey Whittamore on them. When he tampered with campaign funding,
    didn’t it cost him 4 years in Prison?
    Sam DNA Dehne
    Sam DNA exposed massive taxpayer-funded elder abusing in Reno:

  2. One can never say that Storey County spends money like drunken sailors . . .DRUNKEN SAILORS PAY FOR THEIR OWN DRINKS.

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