Sam Toll of the Storey Teller  does his usual excellent job of uncovering the truth in his article below.

That truth is who is behind the thuggery during this campaign season.

You will read about another letter requesting that AG Laxalt investigate Sheriff Antinoro but what is astonishing is the revelation of who is on the inside to disseminate this as well as other harassing tactics.

In the article you will also read a couple of emails in which I am mentioned by name and referred to as “a cheap two bit french whore”.

The last time I ran they called me a bitch for speaking out about issues during the Commission meetings and said that I wanted to hurt the county.  This time they still call me a bitch but have added that I am a liar and now this…..because I have continued to speak out and now write about what I see as issues confronting us.

To be clear……I am running BECAUSE OF THIS. The people behind these efforts who are also part of Team Storey have absolutely no shame in trying to silence or eliminate those whom they consider to be threats. Many of you reading this know this….they will threaten you, try to discredit you, call you names and ultimately scare you into silence.

Is this what you want??

I don’t.

I’m running for commissioner because I want to live in peace and pride in my community.

I’m running so that there is accountability and transparency in how the county does business……I’m running so that I can be a loud voice for you in saying “NO” to the thuggery……I’m running to help build the next level of excellence in community services and move the county forward free of these kind of gangland style tactics.

If that is a threat to them…..shame on them.

Please vote for me for Storey County Commissioner in November!


Sam’s Article here:

Lance Gilman Launches “October Surprise” Against Antinoro


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