By Sharon Snell

It makes sense to summarize these two Board meetings together since both dealt with various approvals and the resignation of Melissa Field. Melissa and family have moved to the VC/Gold Hill area and the seat to which she was elected is designated for residents NOT in the VC/Gold Hill area. This will be discussed further under New Business. Following opening routines and approval of consent items, the meetings continued with Superintendent and with Board Reports.

Todd Hess reported working on a sizable grant for Project Lead the Way. He hopes to make an announcement soon. He commended the hard work of our students selected for Honor Choir performances and our basketball teams. Several boy and girl athletes have been selected for First or Second Team or Honorable Mention recognition. Spring sports, baseball, softball, and track, have started.

Middle School volleyball teams hosted the Championship Tournament held at the high school on March 10th. (The 8th grade Varsity Team actually won that tournament!) Middle School Academic Olympics have finished. Supt. Hess introduced three students from the middle school leadership class who gave a presentation to the Board concerning their trip to Tesla and Hillside Elementary.

In conversations with Austin Osborne Mr. Hess reported on a company known as Block Chain being interested in the Painted Rock area and TRI. Gary Hames commented that Block Chain was separate from the Emerald City Initiative (ECI).  Mr. Hames also congratulated the sports’ teams for their hard work and the Leadership students on the excellent questions asked on their trip to Tesla. Colleen Conley report on a Luau Fundraiser held at Hillside on Feb. 23rd. Mrs. Conley expressed concern about traffic problems in the Lockwood area and appreciated the notices from Kelly Knapp when buses are delayed. Dawn Miller reported being able to attend the Honor Choir rehearsal and summed up the experience as amazing! All Board members expressed sadness concerning the tragedy in Florida and hope that awareness and services will become available to students with issues.

There were a number of items under New Business for both of these meetings. Some of them were approvals for upcoming events:  a Softball Team trip to Alameda, CA;  a VCMS 8th grade trip to North Tahoe Adventures;  a VCMS Gifted and Talented Program trip to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, Vallejo, CA;  a Hillside 5th grade trip to Great Basin Outdoor School. Other approvals were also given:  Carol Glynn to oversee the LEA Library Book Grant;  Holli Kiechler to pursue grants on behalf of the School District;  the resignation of Melissa Field;  an Interlocal Agreement Regarding Use of Piper’s Opera House;  the 2018-2019 School Calendar.

There was a discussion regarding filling the vacancy left by Melissa Field. While there is some confusion over this process, it was decided to notify the public of the vacancy through announcements in the Comstock Chronicle. Applicants can submit letters of interest by March 16th and the Board will schedule a public meeting to conduct interviews, likely on Mar. 21st.  If an appointment is made, the person will serve until Dec. 31, 2018. At the next General Election a person will be duly elected to fill the remainder of the vacated term to end in December 2020. For complete information on this process, please check the District website.

The next School Board meeting is scheduled for March 21, 2018, in the VCHS Training Room.


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