As always, I am  astonished by how tone deaf the principals at TRIC are.  They seem to be drinking their own bathwater if they think for one second that the citizens of this county are stupid enough  to swallow everything that is shoveled out to them by TRIC and Lance Gilman proxys. The truth of the matter is that the pipeline IS A DEVELOPER EXPENSE not an expense to be borne by Storey County citizens thru the theft of future revenues.

In order to divert attention away from this fact they will call any of us who object to this THEFT as liars, activists, communists, liberals, Californians, and anti-business. 

Kris Thompson called Sam Toll  Editor of  The Storey Teller a liar for what he wrote in his last article and Sam has responded to that accusation with more facts……it’s a good read…Here it is:

By Sam Toll, Editor

The Storey Teller

In a recent tirade on the Virginia City Highlands Chat Group, TRIC Employee Kris Thompson accused me of lying in an article (which you can read here) that took TRIC to task on requesting the good people of Storey County to underwrite a $35 Million Dollar effluent pipeline that will allow TRIC to sell “liquid gold” to TRIC tenants.

While my piece took the position that the residents of Storey County should no longer give money, loan money or send future tax revenues to TRIC Executive, Brothel Owner and Storey County Commissioner Lance Gilman, I use the facts to form the basis of my thesis. When I research my articles, I use actual audio and contact the County to obtain Public Records. Since I started The Teller I have contacted the County with Public Records requests numerous times. Some have been filled, some have not.

Mr. Thompson called me an anti-business activist and a flat out liar.

Referring to investigative journalism and the honest efforts to report the facts as lies is a classic ploy to discredit that work. I will continue to reveal what is going on in this county with facts. I fully expect the folks who would like those facts to remain hidden to continue to discredit this work.

I responded to these accusations with the notion that I am 100% pro-business, a principled conservative and someone who sees businesses as needing to rely on the savvy of their founders and the success of their business plans and execution. They need to survive without the advantage of taxpayer dollars.

I also invited Mr. Thompson to point out to me and the citizens of Storey County anywhere in my piece the use of deliberate lying and/or disinformation so I could correct and accurately report facts which is the purpose of The Teller. To date I have not heard from him.

In an effort to show that the Storey Teller reported accurate facts, I am including the audio of the Storey County Commissioner Meeting of August 1, 2017 so folks can hear for themselves the actual words being spoken. In addition, public comment from myself, fellow “activist” Nicole Barde and Mr. Thompson are also included so the uncensored audio allows you to hear for yourself what the actual facts are and fact check me, if you are interested.


You can read the full article and listen to the audio of this meeting HERE.




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