This is a very interesting read. There have been rumblings of significant organizational issues and employee dissatisfaction at Community Development since the retirement of Dean Haymore and the ascension of Gary Hames as the new “outside consultant” Director. It looks like the County is in the process of making some significant changes in the near future…or not. Who knows what is going on.


Sam Toll of the Storey Tell posted the story below…..wait for it…….


The Storey Teller has learned that retired Fire Chief and brand new business tycoon Gary Hames is executing a brilliant plan to save county taxpayers an estimated $5,000,000 dollars in the current fiscal year 2017-2018.



Starting with his newly privately contracted position of Community Development Director, Hames is requiring all Storey County Community Development employees to quit their jobs, remove themselves from the PERS ranks and join the ranks of his freshly minted company: Battle Born Consulting.

“The brilliance of this move is stunning because of it’s simplicity. We see the taxpayers of Storey County getting behind this 110%.” explained soon to be former County Employee Pat Whitten. “The County will give Battle Born all the vehicles, cell phones, office furniture and fixtures, phone systems, offices, buildings and everything else Battle Born Consulting needs to conduct business under this expanded contract. Since we have already paid for these assets, we can simply transfer them to Battle Born’s personal property asset list. Once we do this, we can start collecting taxes on these assets. This means that not only do we save 5 million on all that retirement and medical insurance, but we can start collecting taxes on the property Storey County Taxpayers have purchased in the past. Back in my Bank of America days, we used to call this a win-win-win-win-win-win situation.”





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