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The agenda and Board Packet for the March 12Th meeting is HERE and packets and minutes from previous Board Meetings can be found HERE.


Board Members present: Jeff Nevin, Dawn Miller, Gary Hames, Melissa Field. Board Member absent: Colleen Conley

The meeting was called to order by President Jeff Nevin at 5pm followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. The agenda was adopted. There were no early Public Comments. Three consent items consisting of Warrants, Minutes of March 8, 2017, and the Third Quarter Class Size Reduction Report were all approved.

Superintendent Todd Hess made the following report. Up to this point in the school year Hillside Elementary has received donations of $1028 collected through the Rainbow Country Club can drive. Valued Special Education and Math teacher Wendy Young has announced her retirement at the end of the 2017 school year. The VCHS Moonbuggy Team, under the direction of Mr. Rick Shrank, returned from the Alabama competition with a wonderful story of success. This team was featured recently in an edition of the Comstock Chronicle and Virginia City News. Currently a school logo contest is being held in the District. All students from any grade level are invited to submit entries. Mr. Hess shared some entries with the Board.

Last came the announcement of the resignation as of May 12th of Steve Schieberl, District Head of Maintenance.  Mr. Hess thanked Steve for his service and said he would be greatly missed. Board members took time to thank Steve for his dedication and hard work. They were especially appreciative of the time he has spent working on details regarding the Emergency Management Plan. Compared to other counties/school districts Storey County seems to be ahead in its planning.

Each Board member then took time to share their appreciation for being able to attend the National School Board Association conference held recently in Denver.  Gary Hames reported he was interested in the workshops focused on the use of Social Media in the District and opportunities for forming online partnerships. Melissa Field was impressed with featured speaker, astronaut Steve Kelly, and his upbeat tips for each of us to be able to make a difference. Dawn Miller attended a workshop related to Superintendent Evaluations and others focusing on the importance of learning about the legal system as it relates to school districts. She recommends our local Board consider training in this area. Jeff Nevin expressed interest in sessions focusing on school security.

Under New Business 5 items were approved: the 2017-2018 Tentative Budget; a Board of Trustees Workshop moderated by Jim Huge on May 11th from 1-5pm in the VCHS Training Room open to the community; a Family Life Education Committee Updated Roster; a Gallagher Fourth Grade Field Trip to Great Basin Naturalists Outdoor School Field Studies May 8-11th; and a VCHS Drama Workshop at Disneyland June 16-18th.  There was little discussion on these items except for the Tentative Budget. Todd Hess emphasized the difficulty of making a budget when the current Legislative session has not yet settled on a funding formula for Nevada Public Schools.  He feels certain that while the tentative budget presented is fluid, it is also conservative. He is hopeful the specific funding figures will be known in May. He thanked District Office employee, Estelle Jorgensen, for her valuable help.

The next Board Meeting will be held at Hillside Elementary, Wednesday, May 17th at 5pm. The meeting was adjourned.



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