By Nicole Barde

This week many Storey County residents received an anonymous letter about a “ very important community issue”, that issue being the conduct of Sheriff Jerry Antinoro and it directs the recipient to a website to view some documents. This “conduct” includes two cash settlements in the Sheriffs Office, both public knowledge and already reported on, a sexual harassment charge from an employee a new charge, and the handling of the death of Judy Black over 2 years ago which has not been adjudicated. The letter asks whether the Sheriff “meets your standard for conduct in this office”.

This is the latest in a non-stop barrage of accusations against the Sheriff that started before 2014. The accusations popped up at the appropriate ( election ) moments, couldn’t be proven definitively then dropped from sight. I don’t understand the “end game” of those who are doing this. It didn’t stop him getting elected the last two times he ran. So now it pops up again, Why?……I think it’s too late to put a recall on the ballot and to do a separate ballot or recall election will cost the county money….and then there’s getting the signatures to do it…so…..what’s the point in this?

If you are trying to run him out of town and ruin his reputation OK, I get it but I don’t see him packing yet. If it’s to get him officially censured or removed from office then someone somewhere needs to crawl out of the shadows and publicly bring charges with proof and then the accusations would have to be judged by some panel or commission.  So, anonymous ….have you heard the definition of insanity? What you are doing doesn’t seem to be working and without actual grownup proof none of this will stick. If it has been proven that the Sheriff or any one else in office has done anything wrong then I’m the first one to say that there should be accountability and consequences. But I’d like to see proof that sticks first not just accusations and a string of unrelated “facts”.

Below are some snippets of reactions from some of the residents in the Highlands to receiving this anonymous letter. So anonymous, whoever you are, it seems to be backfiring:

-In my opinion if you have to hide behind anonymity – what you have to say is most likely full of horse crap

-The character of the sender (not the subject of the message) is called into question by their own cowardly, passive aggressive methods of communication, which immediately undermines their own goals and self-interest

-I was upset by this letter too.  This was such a cowardly way to get the message out, you have to wonder about the truth of the website and letter. 

-the sender is  cowardly  not to put their return address & stand behind it.

-Anonymous coward.  

Anonymous, do you even realize how your constant shot gunning of this stuff makes Storey County look? Despite the perceived prestige that TRI and Tesla may bring to the county this is just the kind of stupid stuff that makes people/companies think we are a bunch of inbred hicks.

A couple of years ago I was speaking with two Washoe county Commissioners, they asked about this stuff going on with the Sheriff and just shook their heads and laughed. My other Reno friends and acquaintances just laugh. People at the Legislature laugh as well.

People are laughing at us …why would you want to denigrate our citizens by making us a laughing stock? Doing what you do anonymously MAKES IT A JOKE… it out in the open so you can be challenged, and so your assertions can be proven or dismissed…. Just repeating them and letting them hang out there isn’t effective for you and it’s harmful to us.

Now on to real stuff…….

Judging by the sexual harassment document posted on the website Jerry has forgotten the number one rule of management….you are not friends with your staff ( were you sleeping thru Sexual Harassment training?) and the number two rule in your moms house…don’t put your feet up on the furniture. Jerry….if you talk trash with a female and yes even a MALE employee, the employee eventually won’t like it, I don’t care who they are. Zip it….and I mean that in any way you interpret it.

Lance Gilman has a personal lawsuit against Antinoro for slander, and once tried to get him censured in a commission meeting. His feelings for Jerry are no secret. Lance…. if you or your supporters are behind this latest mailing or any of the others then man up and make these accusations in public and defend your point of view. If you or your supporters are not behind this then you need to know that people think that you are behind it. You may want to think about using your considerable skills and resources to find out who is doing it and get them to stop since it makes you look small and petty and desperate.

Lastly, as I’ve said before….you two just need to have a pissing contest at high noon on “C” street and be done with all this….it’s highly divisive in a small community where people need each other to live happily and it’s way less than the citizens of Storey County deserve.

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