By Nicole Barde

A summary of the meeting published by Pat Whitten appears at the end of this article.

This week’s Commission agenda was pretty procedural.

There were 33 business license applications submitted for “first reading” as part of the consent agenda and 15 second reading business licenses at the end of the regular agenda. This is good to the extent that it is revenue to the county. Both Commissioner Lance Gilman and Community Development Director Dean Haymore said that the growth at TRI is booming and growing day by day. Lots more businesses in the pipeline. I’m happy to hear it. I just wonder if the depth of investigation on all of these businesses has been significantly increased to the level that the gaming commission uses so that we don’t have a repeat of a “Malfitano like” shaky business actor enter our county.

Some interesting staff reports included Shaun Griffin reporting that the new Health Center is getting so booked that they will soon have to add more days. Everyone is delighted with the service. Shaun and his team are the ones who helped to reestablish our Library as well as the Health Center. The Community Chest, his day job, makes a great contribution to our community and I think that Shaun’s leadership in these efforts has greatly enriched the community. We’re lucky to have him.

Dean Haymore also reported that during the construction of the Tesla footprint there were over 250 cement trucks (some brought in from as far away as California) running continuously as well as 4 local concrete plants working to supply Tesla’s requirements. TRI apparently has more construction going on than Clark County. They are running many tour buses full of prospective businesses thru the park almost daily. Pat Whitten even hosted the Polish trade delegation who was interested to see what was going on out there.

Austin Osborn from the Planning Department reported that the “pocket park” being built on the Black and Howell building location on C Street will be taking bids for that buildout. Recall that the Black and Howell building site was purchased by VCTC Director Deny Dotson last year in the grand hope that it would become the next visitor center. I wrote about it in my August 20, 2015 article. He bought it with VCTC funds without first understanding what it would cost to hold it then cost to actually build it. He quickly realized that it was hellishly expensive to build and shelved the effort. The county is making a silk purse out of a sow’s ear by spending yet more money from its own budget to make it usable for the next 7-8 years in the form of a “pocket park”/platform.

Barbara Mackey, retiring Executive Director of Fourth Ward School was honored for her invaluable service and the Roasting House was honored as 2015 Storey County Business of the year. Congratulations to both parties!

$84,000 was approved to purchase yet another parking lot behind the DA/Sheriff’s office. I don’t begrudge the staff a place to park, just keeping track of the real estate portfolio. I just wonder what’s going to happen with the B of A building that was such a deal that we just had to buy it.

The agenda item to approve $238,000 to be spent on the completion of the Storey County parking lot next to the courthouse was pushed out until the January 5, 2016 meeting. This is out of $750k listed for the total renovation originally part of the infrastructure list. Of note here is that a portion of the land being used for the parking lot is leased by the county from Commissioner Marshall McBride and the McBride family. This is a lease option to buy approved this year….with no stipulated purchase price in the agreement. I‘ve never seen a lease option to buy without a purchase price baked into the agreement at the front end. I’ve only used two of what do I know. SO, with all of the improvements being made to the property it should drive the purchase price way up. How wonderful.

The other push out was the second reading of the ordinance putting a moratorium on subdivisions and PUD’s until the December 15th meeting.




Highlights are distributed on behalf of Pat Whitten, Storey County Manager. You are receiving this update as a subscriber to Storey County news and alerts in an effort to keep you informed of the activities of the Storey County Commission meetings as well as Storey County happenings.

The Board passed a resolution honoring Barbara Ohlin Mackey for her many years of exemplary service as the Executive Director at the Fourth Ward School. Chairman Marshall McBride presented Ms. Mackey with a plaque in appreciation of her dedication and service. Thank you for your dedication.
Christmas on the Comstock is this Saturday, December 5 starting with the Parade of Lights at 5 p.m followed by The Christmas in the Sierra concert at Piper’s Opera House at 7:30 p.m.Residents should note that following the Parade of Lights, one or two fireworks “test shots” will be fired off in Virginia City. This test will determine if these fireworks will be used during the 2016 4th of July celebration.
The Board passed a resolution naming The Roasting House as Storey County Business of the Year. Virginia City Tourism Director Deny Dotson presented Eric and Melanie Troska and The Roasting House with an award and plaque. Congratulations!


The next Board of County Commissioners Meeting will be held December 15, 2015 at 10 a.m.

Public Works Director Mike Nevin was re-appointed to serve as Storey County Representative to the Carson Truckee Water Conservancy District.

Work on SR 342 continues with guard rails and signage being installed. It’s anticipated the road will re-open within the next few days.

The Public Works Department has replaced approximately 700 feet of water line on SR 341 from Fourth Ward School to F Street.

Work on the section of the Marlette water system siphon under I-580 is scheduled to be completed by April 2016. 

Mark Twain residents are being urged to complete the Income Survey. A total of 18 responses are still needed. As a reminder, the information from the surveys helps in qualifying the area for federal grants and loan programs.

Free radon kits for residents are now available at the Library through February 29.

Drawings of the pocket plaza to be built on the Black & Howell Buildingproperty at the corner of C Street and Taylor, can be viewed at the Planning Department office. The pocket plaza will not be permanent but is an interim project until the property is developed in the future.

Major portions of the Master Plan revisions are in draft form and are on thewebsite for review. Contact Austin Osborne in the Planning Department with any questions regarding the Master Plan.

The Board ordered the Treasurer to hold a sale of real properties held in trust because of tax delinquency.

County Christmas Party, December 11 at Piper’s Opera House. Food and beverages will be served and the party is open to all residents.

The response to the Heath Centers recently opened in Virginia City and Lockwood has been great. Residents are thrilled with the care and attention of the Nevada Health Center staff. 

The Library fundraiser held last weekend at Piper’s Opera House was a success.

Sandy Delaski has been hired as the new Librarian. Ms. Delaski brings with her lot of experience and excitement for the position.

The Storey County Senior Center once again will distribute Christmas baskets to homebound residents. Approximately 45 baskets will be delivered. Also, the Senior Center will roast chestnuts in front of the Mark Twain Saloon during the Parade of Lights on Saturday.



The Commissioners approved a grant agreement in the amount of $8,987,000 and loan resolution in the amount of $4,058,000 with the United States Department of Agriculture for financing of the Storey County wastewater collection system improvements.

Approved was a resolution authorizing reimbursement of expenses incurred byFulcrum BioEnergy, Inc., for an expanded project which recycles solid waste into renewable fuels from the proceeds of economic development revenue bonds.

Approved the following projects for submission of 2016 applications to the State of Nevada Governor’s Office of Economic Development for Community Development Block Grant Funding:

  • Project #1: Tahoe Reno Industrial Center General Improvement District Utility Geographical Information System (GIS)
  • Project #2: Storey County Senior Center Sustaining Senior Access to Safe and Healthy Homes (Homemaker Program)

Approved is a proposed contract to purchase partially improved land at 168 South D Street from Tri-Ventures, Inc. for $84,000 for possible use as a parking lot.

The Commissioners approved variance 2015-031, changing the allowed width (height) and length of signs that are attached to a new building located at 800 South C Street.

Storey County continues to issue and receive many applications for new business licenses. 
Commissioners approved 12 new business licenses:

• Reno Provisions
• Flexible Assembly Systems
• US Test & Balance Corp
• Sunrun Installation SVC
• Labeeg Building SVCS
• XL Landscape Dev., LLC
• Simpson Gumpertz & Heger, Inc.
• James Maggard Design Cons.
• Graybar Electric Co.
• Shred-It Reno
• Juggernaut Services, LLC. Dba Square 1 Solutions
• DuSouth Industries dba DST Controls




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