On May 27, 2015 I sent an email (below) with an attached letter signed by both the 1’s and 10’s associations’ Board of Directors requesting $10,000 from the County to help defray the $21,000 it will cost to crack seal our portion of Cartwright. I sent it to the three commissioners and Pat Whitten. The $10,000 is part of a community grant that Bill Sjovangen promised each community to do with as they please. We need the cracks sealed so that’s what we decided to use it for.

I received two responses from Jack McGuffey ( below) that were disappointing to say the least. Jack McGuffey is concerned about not showing bias towards VCH but he is not concerned with conflict of interest when he called me several weeks ago to tell me that although the county could not fund a community center with the new budget that they can look into it the following year……and oh by the way Collins Construction can give us a great deal. Collins himself was in the background telling Jack what to say. Jack works for Collins construction, a clear conflict.

This is outrageous. Not only is Jack not willing to speak up for VCH and look out for our interests but he is using his position as commissioner to , at the very least, line the pockets of his employer.

Pat Whitten did in fact reply and it looks like we will be getting the funds. Thank You Pat!

Jay ( Julian ) Carmona


Virginia City Highlands PRoperty Owners Association

(Attention Commissioners & Pat Whitten, some sort of acknowledgment of receipt of this email is the professional thing to do. I will send this out daily until someone acknowledges receipt)

Good Morning Commissioners and Mr. Whitten,

Attached You will find a letter which is signed by both the 1’s and 10’s Board. This letter states that both Associations are in agreement on how the $10,000 grant/gift from the County is to be spent.

This grant/gift money was chosen to be used towards the crack sealing of Cartwright between Saddleback and Lousetown. The Associations have secured a contractor to perform the task. The bid is for approximately $21,000 and the grant/gift will be used to offset the cost to both Associations.

We would like to know when we can expect the monies from the County so we can move forward with the project.

I would have liked to submit this letter in person but due to an illness and other scheduling conflicts, I was unable to attend the last two Commission meetings.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly.


Jay ( Julian ) Carmona


Virginia City Highlands

Property Owners Association

P.O. Box 686

Virginia City, Nevada 89440

Direct: 775.691.0251

#1 response from Jack=


Standard procedure would be to route your requests thru County Manager Pat Whitten.


I replied with:


This is why you won’t get re-elected. You are OUR COUNTY COMMISSIONER and turn a blind eye to this issue. Well it was sent to Pat Whitten as well. I can gift wrap it and have it delivered if need be.

#2 response from Jack=

There is no blind eye to this issue. I gave l you instruction over a month ago but you refused to follow.

As for representing VCH I have to avoid the appearance of bias as I represent the whole county.

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